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You just landed on the website of Annemarie Gorter | Paintings | oil paint, graphics and watercolours. She is a Dutch artist and graphic designer. Her Dutch roots will not go unnoticed by the spectator. They are reflected in her landscape paintings featuring spacious sceneries, coloured by the light that varies on the different seasons, from day to day, yes, it even changes on the different moments of the day. Yet there is much more to Annemarie’s work than only landscapes; she also passionately paints animals, portraits, peoples, angles and abstracts. Take a look and discover the influences from the Fauves and Impressionists. Light and colours bring Annemarie joy. Hence her slogan: ‘A Gorter colours your day!’

visit and ‘Open Atelier route’ in Apeldoorn in The Netherlands

Apeldoorn is a city of 160.000 inhabitants in the East of the Netherlands, close to the famous Kröller-Müller Museum (one of the largest Van Gogh collections and a garden with 160 sculptures imbedded in the nature reserve ‘De Hoge Veluwe’). 

Every year approximately fifty artists from Apeldoorn organize the ’Open Atelierroute Apeldoorn’, an event held during the third weekend of May. Annemarie Gorter | Paintings | oil, graphics, watercolours also participates in the Open Atelierroute Apeldoorn. You are warmly invited to come visit. Sign up for an e-mail invitation, so that you will be notified in time and can save the date. During these exhibition days, Annemarie displays forty to fifty pieces of art. The Open Atelier Days are the best opportunity to experience the work. However, if you’d like to see specific paintings from the website for yourself, feel free to make an appointment. Commissioned work is also an option. Get in contact.

Annemarie’s roots

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My father had a printing company. During the 1960s, large paper and print companies made real pieces of art for their promotion work. I was astonished, if not stunned by this wonderful press-work. In this way I became acquainted with and was aware of colours and shapes at an early age. No wonder I eventually became a graphic designer and artist. However, I initially wanted to become an art teacher. Which I never really became, because I continued to study and became a teacher in Graphic Design, Typography, Visualising and DeskTopPublishing. I’m also really fond of these subjects, hence I consider letters and colours as magnificent things in life. Lastly, I see the different disciplines: drawing, painting, (graphic) designing and all that is associated with it as a natural process; as a way of thinking; not as different but as interdisciplinary. 

From what I remember, at the teacher training school in Amsterdam, the only things we did were drawing and painting, which is of course just my a coloured vision. I loved it. It was the start of my quest for the working of colours and brightness.



I don’t like to limit myself in choosing subjects so you’ll find: birds, skies, abstracts, portraits, landscapes, angels, etc.

categories: ‘olieverf’, ‘grafiek’ and ‘aquarel’

In order to keep the website as orderly as possible the artwork is categorised around materials. You’ll find the categories with the Dutch names: ‘olieverf’, ‘grafiek’ and ‘aquarel’.

'olieverf’: oil paint / acrylic paint; brush, paint 

and canvas / paper play the main role

‘grafiek’: graphics / iPad; there is always a 

piece of (digital) technology between the artist

and the final product

‘aquarel’: watercolour / mixed media

to order paintings or prints

The prices of the art works are on the website, that’s the price without a passe par tout or frame and without shipping. It is also possible to order with passe par tout and/or frame. The costs are additional. If you want to order some, get in contact via the e-mail form. Note the name of the artwork, the price and your name and address. After payment, the piece(s) will be shipped. Remember it’s not Amazon so from ordering till receiving will sure take longer.

Wrapped for shipping: Original aquarel with passe par tout and frame from the professional frame worker.


It is possible to order a high quality print of any painting at the size you desire. Look for more information at formats and costs. The prices at the price list are for shipping within the Netherlands. The price for shipping abroad is additional. 

Print of the original aquarel zonder passe par tout in a standard frame.


This English page is a short version of all the information in Dutch on the website. However, pictures don’t need explanation… so get started and enjoy looking around!

 ‘A Gorter colours your day!’

Een Gorter kleurt je dag!

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